wild florida orchids

It has been photographed many times by many people, and one particularly intriguing photo was taken by one. We piled in and slaughtered any stray mosquitoes that made it into the car as we made our way home. journalers celebrate International Nature Journal WeekJune 1 through 7!

It was my ambition to duplicate his photograph. It's not tough to find native plants for your poolside paradise in Florida. Just

Finally, we have our second ever calendar release, Florida's Wild Orchids, also updated for 2016. The flowers bear some similarity to their Floridian cousin, lacking the long tails on the lip, bearing a shorter spur, and having medium-green tepals. So, with the 2017 blooming underway, Joy and I discussed this idea again. In no time there were entire world-wide expeditions underway to obtain these unusual flowers – at all and any cost. I skirted around to the southern side of the big pond in the middle, stepping carefully to avoid submerged logs, cypress knees, and snapping turtles.

traverses the length and breadth of the Sunshine State and was the The hunt to photograph Florida's native orchids and incidental related things. Yet, we will always remember it, and that day, one year ago, when we set out on one of the most ambitious photography excursions of our lives. Florida Clamshell Orchid (Prosthechea cochleata). The trees were literally dripping with orchids – and several species. plans whe... by Francesca Singer The process of preparing for this trip was time-consuming and expensive. 2011. I’ve no recollection of what exactly happened in the next moments, but I found myself stumbling through a thicket of young cypress trees as if in a drunken daze, feeling strangely very distressed and upset. The twisted black trunks on the old pond apples trees braced themselves to hold the nearly parallel heavy limbs about four feet over the water. I was vigilant to any noise on that calm night, although large mammals and crocodilians don't really venture into this area much.

Many orchid societies are working with their state forestry organizations to grow and reintroduce native orchids to locations which have lost their original native populations. It just so happened that we had a number of our native orchid canvas prints left over from the last show. You should see the galaxy image on metal hanging in our home - it is truly stunning.

A year ago, on this date, I set off with three of my children, Emily, Isaac, and Kenny to attempt an ambitious undertaking deep in the Everglades. My t-shirt was ripped open and riddled with broken thorns. There is a rich and colorful history of professional globe-spanning orchid hunters risking life and limb for enormous sums of fame and fortune during the 19th century’s “orchid mania” – the fad that evolved into today’s orchid culture.

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