what to do with used office furniture

Indoor air pollution is a serious problem, yet it’s also something that business owners and office managers overlook.

Most cubicle walls are made of a wood or metal base with a soft fabric covering, allowing workers to staple notes, posters, and other items to them.

If they don’t, and your logistics provider has to store the inventory and move it a second time, schedule conflicts will directly impact your logistics costs.

The question is how do you make surplus truly sustainable? Budget isn’t the only thing on the line when managing a large office surplus. A better, more Eco-friendly solution is to recycle your old office furniture. This the base cost of any office surplus disposition. How to Save Money on Your Business’s Office Supplies, How to Make Your Business’s Office More Energy Efficient, Importance of An Ergonomic Chair For A Healthy Spine, Styles and Types of Guest and Reception Seating. Many building’s also require site-specific health and safety protocols which all vendors will have to abide by.

For companies looking to conduct an employee auction or large charitable donation, the “soft” cost of internal time and effort will be the big additional expense. Furniture removal is always one step in a larger project; if it’s delayed or disrupted so are the other components. The unpredictable second-hand furniture market doesn’t help, either. Used Office Furniture Office Pro's has three locations to serve you and offers unbelievable pricing on used office furniture such as used desks, used conference tables, used office chairs, used storage and more. Once they’ve received your furniture, they’ll sell it in one of their stores. The best way to avoid a questionable mover is to seek recommendations and look for industry certifications. To help your company get more from its office surplus, we’ve outlined six essential steps to managing a large inventory.

After remodeling her kitchen, Take an ordinary tea tin and transform it into a stylish storage container using chalkboard paint.

Another option for handling used furniture is to sell it. Don't turn your back on an old mattress. This Hoosier cupboard, popular in the early 20th century, was sitting in a woodshop for years. This home office is filled with items from the junkyard. ---0-2 Weeks2-4 Weeks1-3 MonthsMore than 3 Months. Clear information will also save you headaches by minimizing scope changes and miscommunication down the road. Resellers and receiving organizations won’t be happy to take items that are unusable. Compare this “ground up” budget with the initial budget assigned to the project. Sell or Donate Old Office Furniture If you no longer need your office furniture but it is still in relatively good condition, you will find that many liquidators, second-hand furniture dealers or charities which would be happy to buy or receive it as a donation. There are several ways to convert a file cabinet into a planter, one of which is to simply cover the drawers in a plastic wrap and fill them with soil. You can even go one step further by painting the file cabinets and staining the wood desktop. So, place a piece of rectangular-shaped lumber – popular, walnut, cedar, oak, etc. Be warned, though, you’ll probably receive some serious call volume inquiring about your free furniture.

Every office relocation, renovation and closure generates no-longer-needed furniture and equipment — the extra chairs, desks, cabinets, supplies and electronics sitting in your storage space right now. Used Office Furniture As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Second Hand Office Furniture, our massive range of quality second hand office furniture includes office desks, office chairs, boardroom tables, office storage solutions and reception/break-out area seating. There are dozens of companies that specialize in office furniture liquidation. Normally, it’s the upholstery on office chairs that wears away over time. Even giving office furniture away for free, believe it or not, comes with its own headaches and expenses that few are willing to take on internally.

The charity organization will give you a receipt with the estimated value of the donated items, which you can use to offset your taxes for the respective year. Is a Coworking Office Space Right for Your Small Business? Janell Beals of. Reupholstering involves securing new fabric to the outside of the chair’s old fabric. Start by estimating the biggest cost: the dismantling, removal and logistics.

Whether it’s a chair, desk, stool, conference table, file cabinet, shelving unit, etc., there comes the point when you’ll have to retire it. Every office that liquidates or landfills its surplus furniture simply loses out on what value was left and shows no concern for unnecessary waste. ---50-100 Employees (8,000-20,000 sqft)100-500 Employees (20,000-75,000 sqft)500+ Employees (75,000+ sqft), When is your anticipated start date?

So, if you’re planning on revitalizing your corporate space soon, let us show you how to get rid of used office furniture by tapping into the circular […]. The next priority is operational — put another way, a pain-free removal. If you’re moving to a new office, perhaps you can sell your old furniture to the new tenant. With some refinishing and paint. Normally, furniture and other waste are dumped landfills where it’s left to slowly decompose. How to Get Rid of Used Office Furniture (the Right Way), redistributing office furniture and equipment, The Social & Cost Benefits of Donating Used Office Furniture, Green Standards Wins CoreNet Global Innovator’s Award, Green Standards on Sitra’s list of inspiring Circular Economy solutions, Green Standards Among Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2020 Report, Spotlight: Adobe and Green Standards Donate Furniture to New York School, Spotlight: Green Standards Furniture Donations Reach Health Centers in Honduras.
If you know the company or person who’s going to take over your current office space, you can ask to see if they are interested in buying your furniture. A better outcome. Craigslist has an enormous section of free items, including office furniture, for every major U.S. city. Office Relocation 101: How to Move Your Business to a New Location, Things that Don’t Belong on Your Office Furniture, 10 Things You Can Do with Old Office Furniture, How to Prevent Back Pain When Working in an Office, 12 Bad Habits That Can Kill Your Productivity in the Office, 12 Tips on How to Set Up the Perfect Office Workstation, How to Clean and Maintain an Office Chair. […] ball rolling. We provide free office furniture donations, including delivery, to all non-profits across the US and Canada. The old ‘cheap and dirty’ approach is actually more dirty than cheap. To prevent your phone from ringing off the hook, you should take down your listing once someone has picked up the furniture.

If you have a wood desk that’s faded over the years but otherwise still structurally sound, this is a great way to restore its luster and continue using it. Few project managers take the time to consider how the project can benefit other departments, initiatives and stakeholders. Not only does this emphasize your organization’s commitment to reducing landfill waste but can also help achieve waste reduction benchmarks. During this incredibly long process, however, the decomposing items release greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals into the environment. It’s also a simple way to promote higher worker satisfaction and productivity in the office. I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.

Sign up today. With the ease of promoting events on social media, attracting potential buyers to a warehouse sale is simple. Sometimes office furniture has sustained so much use and wear that it can longer be sold or even donated. You can. However, you won’t get top dollar for your used furniture. Hang a mattress spring on the wall for a one-of-a-kind, oversized message board. They’re the backbone of the project and need to be as reliable and capable as possible. But the “one size fits all” solution doesn’t make sense.

These are the broken chairs, desks or components that cannot be reused, refurbished or recycled. Here are some tips to get the most money from your liquidated office furniture: If you can’t sell your old office furniture, why not donate it to a good cause?
If you have one or more empty rooms in your office, you can use an old cubicle wall as a decorative billboard. While it’s true that you won’t earn money, you may still be eligible for a tax credit. Normally, furniture and other waste are dumped landfills where it’s left to slowly decompose.

… Just remember to specify in your listing that the recipient must pick up the items; otherwise, they may expect you to deliver the furniture to them. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about breaking down or moving your old furniture. Internal time and effort, vendor relations, and on-site safety—all of which impact the overall project outcome—require equal attention in a large move.

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