what is the purpose of standards in education?

Standards not only provide content guidelines, but also pressure teachers to teach the test, mainly through multiple-choice assessment preparation. Throughout my reflective practice, to my attention, a number of students did not respond to how my lessons were planned. It is to suggest that values of professionalism are to be approached correctly. No matter how you feel, standardized testing is here to stay.

To determine if these learning standards are being met, the state The criteria, the role and responsibilities of a teacher have and are becoming more and more centralised. In addition, a profession and a professional work together in harmony. As a result, Lesson planning and resource preparation time will be less because the educator will already understand the subject. in our school systems.

Change ). In addition, WBE 1 and WBE 2 files were compared using the reflective practice gained throughout the course. Furthermore, the standards categorised into sub-sections which have specific professional objectives and act as guidelines. I believe there is a problem with the values that educators may not be able to abide to all of these due to several reasons. A skills audit was completed for WBE 1 file which identified various weaknesses which could potentially be made into positive outcomes. The practice of aligning learning to standards also helps ensure that a higher level of learning is attained, guides teachers in the process of assessment and helps keep them on track. The question and answer technique was adopted to assist my delivery. It can be stated that reflection is a process which analyses a point or action. Furthermore, it is important to stress that there should be a connection between the educator and learner and that there is a positive relationship between them. ( Log Out /  The QTLS status is recognition of the teaching qualification in order to teach within the PCET sector. Standards should help teachers set targets and monitor achievement and develop programs that support and improve student learning. Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. This will reduce the time researching material.

I personally found that the micro-teach went smooth considering it was my first time. Values of professional practice, according to Wallace (2009)…, ”Our values represent something internal to us – a part at our own moral and ethical guidance system.”. Offering train-the-trainer and direct professional development aligned to the CCSS in English language arts and mathematics, as well as social studies and science through literacy standards; Developing and disseminating a resource kit to build awareness and boost local and regional professional development on the standards, supporting diverse learners, and including students with disabilities and English language learners; Expanding AFT’s cadres of expert teachers to continue to advise on the standards and proper implementation; Launching Share My Lesson as an online resource-sharing site containing more than 30,000 free resources aligned to the CCSS and growing every day; Creating tools to determine if curriculum are, in fact, aligned to the standards; Awarding AFT Innovation Fund grants for the creation of lessons, units, professional development and parent-engagement resources; Advocating for the tools, time and trust needed by teachers and other school-related personnel to effectively implement the CCSS; and. It is important, as an educator, to communicate effectively. This helped me to understand how I should approach my delivery. The four lenses are our own experiences as learners, students, colleagues, and reading the professional literature. To summarise, quality assurance is a system which prevents a lack of professionalism and through regular control standards and values can be maintained.

It should be made clear that a professional person needs values of professionalism. It is these objectives which educators must abide to throughout teacher practice. According to The University of Bath (2005) there would be a board or a quality assurance committee who would be responsible for the staff teaching. In other words, there is a purpose for performance in teaching which should not be confused or misinterpreted. methods when designing curriculum.

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