use similarly as a conjunction

Similarly the Tory opponents of the Bill were nicknamed "Anti-Birminghams" or "Brummagems.".

When the cylinder r =a is moved with velocity U and r =b with velocity U 1 along Ox, = U b e - a,1 r +0 cos 0 - U ib2 - 2 a, (r +Q 2 ') cos 0, = - U be a2 a2 (b 2 - r) sin 0 - Uib2 b1)a, (r - ¢2 sin 0; b and similarly, with velocity components V and V 1 along Oy a 2 b2 ?= Vb,_a,(r+r) sin g -Vi b, b2 a, (r+ 2) sin 0, (17) = V b, a2 a, (b2 r) cos 0+Vi b, b, a, (r- ¢ 2) cos h; (18) and then for the resultant motion z 2zz w= (U 2 + V2)b2a a2U+Vi +b a b a2 U z Vi -(U12+V12) b2 z a2b2 Ui +VIi b 2 - a 2 U1 +Vii b 2 - a 2 z The resultant impulse of the liquid on the cylinder is given by the component, over r=a (§ 36), X =f p4 cos 0.ad0 =7rpa 2 (U b z 2 + a 2 Uib.2bz a2); (20) and over r =b Xi= fp? At the same time the total ordinary expenditure has increased at a similarly steady rate, namely, from £119,391,000 in 1895 to £202,544,000 in 1905. governments every year, and similarly plasterers and painters from the government of Moscow. Similarly he represented the reactions investigated by Liebig and Wehler on benzoyl compounds as double decompositions.

on a Berlin papyrus from Kahttn, similarly interpreted (1882-1878 B.C.
Similarly the obstructions offered to water communication by interruption through land or shallows are overcome by cutting canals or dredging out channels. Definition of Similarly. Similarly an absent-minded man is said to be "abstracted," as paying no attention to the matter in hand. A similar means “resemblance in quantity, character, size etc…”, “in the same manner”.

to the eastward along another stream, their flanks similarly protected. The nest-building habit is similarly variable. The metals to be referred to are always understood to be given in the compact (frozen) condition, and that, wherever metals are enumerated as being similarly attacked, the degree of readiness in the action is indicated by the order in which the several members are named - the more readily changed metal always standing first. The cavalry right wing was in the open, the French infantry near Oberglau, which was strongly held, the Bavarian infantry next on the left, and finally the Bavarian cavalry with a force of foot on the extreme left in the hills. Calcium hydride or hydrolite, prepared by passing hydrogen over heated calcium, decomposes water similarly, r gram giving 1 litre of gas; it has been proposed as a commercial source (Prats Aymerich, Abst. Similarly, if 0 =3, every form (3K+12,x) is a perpetuant. The pedal cords are connected by commissures, and the pedal and pleural of each side are similarly connected.

Similarly the equalities 99 X I o I = 9999 = wow - I 98 X 102 = 999 6 = moo() - 4 97 X 10 3 =9991 =1 0000 - 9 lead up to (A - a) (A+a) = A 2 - a 2. A police force is similarly organized and controlled by a second enactment. Similarly he was able to celebrate worthily, in the presence of the then Prince of Wales, the acquisition by Quebec of the Plains of Abraham for public purposes, without hurting the susceptibilities of the French-Canadians.
The umbrella analogy is similarly explained; the most efficient position being when the stick points along the resultant AD. Embryos in the second stage, if artificially released from the uterus, are able to live in water, in the same way as similarly developed larvae of S. The extreme nominalism of some of the Cynics also, who denied the possibility of any but identical judgments, must be similarly regarded as a solvent of knowledge. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. During the period of the Reformation some of the rulers of Baden adhered to the older and some adopted the newer faith, and the house was similarly divided during the Thirty Years' War. Similarly, just because fear, hope and remembrance add to the intensity of consciousness, the Epicurean can hold that bodily pain and pleasure is a less durable and important thing than pain and pleasure of mind. Tables similarly arranged, but much more complete, have been published by S. mets mets, The right and left metasternites (corresponding to the similarly placed pentagonal sternite of Scorpio).

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