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This free, printable word search, based on The Book of Jonah, can remind children that even our enemies are valuable to God. More than 140 important people and events, including 10 key periods of Testamental history; the patriarchs; sojourn in Egypt; Exodus wanderings; judges; Saul, David, and Solomon; divided kingdom; Babylonian exile; Jerusalem rebuilding; life of Jesus; and the lives of the apostles are outlined. Activity Preparation (to be done before class): Cut pieces, PRESCHOOL SUNDAY SCHOOL CENTRAL ACTIVITY BOOK. ���p�'��PjsJ�$�� &FE?97�ĥ߸�� �/�`�7R��/ۊ Even when we’re discouraged or lonely, we can experience his presence—and the support and encouragement of other Christians. This paper plate craft will help children remember the miraculous story of Jonah and the fish. stream

Use this Sunday school lesson with kids of all ages from the popular book Kids’ Travel Guide to the Parables.
<> %�쏢 3�Q�1v �����D@�e@��xOK!`r|R�QtH�F���B ��Nȥ�4�i�2T�sH&��������'`~��CLl��T���KX�m��I6���Dj].42Ѷ��9����� n�u�fCM�:ƹFd. T O M O R R O W E P M G S Q I Y D V O C V W A N B A S R D B, Faith as a Mustard Seed -, Faith as a Mustard Seed Matthew 17:20-21 For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from, 11 God Speaks to Elijah in a Whisper - Clover Sites, God Speaks to Elijah in a Whisper 1 Kings 19:9-18 Devotion for Leaders When Jesus leads our lives, we are never alone. DO NOT WORRY! x��YKo7F�؉�r�:ﭫ�r�>��E/ tKzJ�] ��� ɕ�����C �2"g�3���c��3qg��]�~y���f��{�{�/fgq���Z��U����;k�����RJ�)+PG� �w!�����M���m������ ����OU�"�?��$ɹ��t[�i�5�Q����lcs��!����j7%�н�Q0��������U������%�#% This free, printable word lineup activity, based on The Book of Jonah, can remind children that even our enemies are valuable to God. It includes the Hour B lesson plan and the needed reproducibles for that plan. 25 Sunday School Games and Activities As Sunday School teachers, you have the most exciting story to tell! Use this Sunday School Lesson: Serving Others to train kids in service. It includes the Hour A lesson plan and the needed reproducibles for that plan. That’s why our Sunday School curriculum skips the gimmicks and gets straight to the Gospel. Click on the Get Activity button below to view and/or download the teaching picture PDF. (7) 6 The seas were created on this day (5) 8 They were gathered together to make the seas (6) 10 Name of the first woman (3) Down 1 This was created on the first day (5) 2 He created everything (3) 3 They swim in the seas (4) 5 A fruit bearing creation (4) endobj n{�'�U;tB:78Gi Z���ODP|��SQ��|��K����1�2v)o�@�B�*�[ϒ@��VD8�w�w�>S���Q�i8P�67\_θ�!u[v��(v�N[���)V[n?C)�� �r���BЩ/���i_�EqI|{�/��a����,:� ؠ�d�V,V���j��H|���8>�%���;�h���I`�� �'�����O�)3�=��T����T�'�}��_��f��M'n�7���ŖS�+y� Serving Others. 938 Sermon on the Mount. ������C���3�W�a��h��|��K�G)uY�;O�����Py"�c�o���T�����3B��_P{��ף�Ldc��:�n�S��F�`��z��]�O��ѓ�v�l� Keep kids from pre-K to high school engaged with these games and activities — and teach them some important biblical themes that they can apply in life. &�+I��'�L��䏏�#So��ji)�f�mz)9�0�M�K��KPf�`�p*+�/@�$�]���4���!��l(&$X�(��,��ڶ�m�u� ��?g����gH%b_��m�$�i��;X[��ט_�W��*b��h6(�0E ���$a��n�oZ5A۫�m�,zmH�ъT�gR�q�!������%���l���@K �O�$��E}���J5C/�*��l�_ &)��A��d �c�����ct�9�>���V�K^���F��X4ki��P��LLs2���bEe�d 40 0 obj Creation Crossword Across 4 Before noon. Now you can teach with confidence, knowing God’s Word will not return void. It can be used in a homeschool setting, one-on-one, or in a classroom setting like Sunday School.

%PDF-1.5 Every lesson from God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers includes a Parents Connect page to help parents or guardians reinforce the lesson at home during the week following the lesson.

Fun Ways to Memorize the Books of the Bible, Fun Ways to Teach How the Bible is Organized. This is the Hour B lesson plan for Jonah and the Fish (OT11L4HB). God is patient. As we create new activities and resources, their Bible to church every Sunday. The story of Jonah and the fish is a children’s favorite and is a beautiful story of God’s great mercy and love for all people. But no one can run from God. They can be across, down, diagonal, or backwards. ��`oMO)��[���@53��:Z�����zb ��/§��wt����a�̹)���Q��de�������Yx��{�Ր��)z������. ��kU�3Hj����_�?4w�Ql5q'q�n�8�^���5�ۚ�����X �����Oc�!�4��sь$16 ��QSк1*�uۈ�KL�gء\hż�ukwZj��t�9�j�t�H���\�1�,�-7�I��n��9��(yD��ϲw+��\�8_h6bO�t�L�t�V�\������T9S���˧�D�η9�4F� �_A���h6�RL5X9N�7�[Q������f���ϟԂ; Weaving Faith Into Your Life: Think about a time you felt abandoned by God or by people. God is powerful. endobj Jonah was a reluctant prophet, but this dramatic story shows how God can accomplish His will in our lives even when we refuse to obey.
Click on the Get Activity button below to view and/or download the lesson PDF.

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