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staff would always find an opportunity to add captions that seemingly proved they’re Sope enthusiasts. ARMYs didn't consider this tandem before, considering how different the two are. One of those questions caught ARMYs attention. Yoonseok, Sobi. The boys were divided into units, and to no one's surprise, Suga and J-Hope were assigned to be in one team. In fact, even the Run BTS!

staff are not the only ones who ship Sope as BANGTANTV editors appear to be enthusiasts of the pair as well. It is also the fifth most written ship in the BTS tag. They're comfortable with crying in front of each other and they let the other one cheer them up. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

BTS On AO3 it is the second most written ship for Suga and the most written for J-Hope. (Check out the photos here).

Fanon They're friends and they support each other a lot. J-Hope said that he was really touched at the time and "fell for him without even realizing it". Although Sope is not the most popular ship in the K-pop world, or even in BTS, Suga and J-Hope have proved many times that they are ship goals. staff took their chance once again to show their love for Sope. Yoongi is very supportive of Hoseok and he's more loose and playful around him. As J-Hope said, they have different personalities, but they balance out each other. CANON
(Check out the photos here, and here). 5.

If I know what love is, it is because of you. In fact, even the Run BTS! They shot series of livestreams called "Hwagae Market (Hangul: 화개장터ㅇ회)". Sope wears identical outfits during rehearsals. While Suga and J-Hope’s personalities are the complete opposite, it appears that Sope has the same taste in fashion, especially footwear. © 2020 Business Times All rights reserved. During BTS: Bon Voyage Season 2, J-Hope wrote a letter to Suga. staff saw their chance. © 2020 Business Times All rights reserved. Sope Suga and J-Hope didn’t only wear identical outfits during their “Black Swan” rehearsal once, but thrice!

They sing " Otsukaresama Song " together.

When the pair picked each other’s photocards, BANGTANTV editors added the caption “SOPE is true.”. According to Suga's Best Friends Note, Sope-Me's debut is a promise without a promise. While other ships get shy when spotted together, Suga and J-Hope …

Type (?) The question read: “I hear that Suga adores Hobi very much.”. (check out the photos here). But Run BTS! Person 1 'Moana 2' Update: Will Disney Announce The Making Of The Sequel? What made the whole thing even more startling is that none of the boys flinched, as if they were already used to these kinds of words from the Run BTS! When J-Hope was bored because he was alone at New Year's Eve, Suga found out, decided to give up spending New Year's with his family and came to the dorm with a chi… Also Known As

These ships don’t need to be romantic at all, they are usually made when fans see a cute or sweet bond between members. They have debuted as a vocal duo 'SOPE-ME' in 2016. What made this ship different from the rest is the fact that Suga himself was the one who created it instead of the fans. staff couldn’t help but be a fan of Sope as well. Sope has an official tracksuit. A heart-shaped pendant is quite common, so it’s nothing new when you see two people wearing it. BLACKPINK Thinks They Are Popular Globally Because Of This Reason, Run BTS! Suga and J-Hope has a matching pendant. staff couldn’t help but be a fan of Sope as well. Just like in the previous episodes, Run BTS! He also said that if he were a girl he would have fallen in love. editors even wrote “Suga loves J-Hope so very much” in an earlier episode of the show. In his letter to Suga, J-hope stated that when he first arrived at the Big Hit dorm he sat alone in the living room because he was feeling shy and awkward and it was Suga who approached him and spoke to him to calm him down.
Friends, members of the same group In the Director’s cut of the episode, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook were told to dub their previous acting stint, but they have to change roles. Run BTS! One of the ships in BTS is called SOPE, which consists of Suga and J-Hope. While other ships get shy when spotted together, Suga and J-Hope wear a bright orange tracksuit whith a huge Sope logo to let everyone know their unit. Suga quickly said that he wanted to be J-Hope, and Run BTS! The K-pop world is known for shipping two group members who fans see as having a special relationship.

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