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You must also meet the interference, calibration error, system bias, and drift checks. This method is not inclusive with respect to specifications (e.g., equipment and supplies) and procedures (e.g., sampling and analytical) essential to its performance. Same as Method 6, section 10.5. Dry KNO3 at 110 °C for 2 hours, and cool in a desiccator. This free glucose should have been separately measured and subtracted from the “total starch” values to obtain an accurate measurement of starch. Temperature was lowered to 50°C, and AMG (330 U) was added and incubated for 30 min. The RS fraction was then recovered and digested according to the particular procedures described by Shukri et al. This method does not include all of the specifications (e.g., equipment and supplies) and procedures (e.g., sampling and analytical) essential to its performance. Accurately weigh 9 to 10 g of KNO3 to within 0.1 mg, dissolve in water, and dilute to 1 liter. Wash the solid material four times with water. Vector illustration, Sodium hydroxide lye, caustic soda, chemical structure.

(2017), the average in vivo recovery of wheat starch was 10.8% w/w, which is much higher than the <1% w/w values obtained in other ileostomy studies and in vitro assays. (1) Next, introduce the low-level gas in system calibration mode and record the time required for the concentration response to decrease to a value that is within 5.0 percent or 0.5 ppm (whichever is less restrictive) of the certified low-range gas concentration. EPA-650/4-74-005-h. February 1975. Add, with mixing, 50 ml concentrated phosphoric acid (85 percent), and dilute to 1000 ml. Enter your email address below and we will send you your username, If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username, Attachment of 13‐ml polypropylene tubes to a polypropylene tube holder in a Grant OLS 200 water bath, Arrangement of tubes in an ice‐water bath over a magnetic stirrer for dissolution of resistant starch with 1.7 M NaOH, In the current procedure, samples (~100 mg weighed accurately) were weighed into 16.5 × 101 mm, 13‐ml polypropylene tubes, and an aliquot (3.5 ml) of sodium maleate buffer (pH 6.0) plus 2 mM CaCl, Samples (~0.5 g) in 40 ml, 30 × 84 mm polypropylene tubes in a designed polypropylene tube holder (Megazyme cat. March 1977.

The samples in the bag should be stable for at least one week if the bags are leak-free.

Ensures that negative bias introduced by inefficient reduction catalyst is less than 5 percent. Ensures that negative bias introduced through leakage is minimized. The columns were operated at 80°C with distilled water mobile phase at 0.5 ml/min. D = Drift assessment, percent of calibration span. 7.1 Calibration Gas. A) Estimated inflow of NaOH in FNAOH, both calculated and measured B) IVAL, C) NVAL and VAL, D) LE, HE and pentanol. (4) The standard deviation, So, for the calculated opacity shall be 8% or less.

6.1.2 Sample Conditioning System. 627 0 obj <> endobj

Smoke generators used pursuant to section 3.2 shall be equipped with a smoke meter which meets the requirements of section 3.3.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, N.C. June 1985. Follow the quality control procedures in section 9.0 of Method 7E.

First, the critical orifice size and dilution ratio must be selected properly so that the sample dew point will be below the sample line and analyzer temperatures. Vector illustration, Diaphragm cell diagram for manufacturing chlorine.

Take a 50-ml aliquot of the sample and blank, and transfer to 250-ml Erlenmeyer flasks. The calibration gases shall be certified by the manufacturer to be ±2 percent of the specified concentrations. The analyzer users manual should be consulted for specific precautions to be taken with regard to the analytical procedure. After 240 min (4 hr) of incubation, a sample (4 ml) is removed to measure resistant starch. This method measures the concentration of carbon monoxide. 3. (2019) methods as described here, the initial incubation with PAA and AMG was performed under the conditions of AOAC Method 2017.16 (PAA 100 U/ml; AMG 42 U/ml; Table 1) for 4 hr, instead of that reported by Shukri et al. Adjust the pH to between 11.7 and 12.0 with 10 N NaOH. Check construction geometry to ensure that the total angle of view of the smoke plume, as seen by the photocell, does not exceed 15°. More specific hydrolysis of lactose can be achieved with β‐galactosidase from Escherichia coli, but different incubation conditions (pH ~ 7.5) would be required. Add 200 ml of KMnO4/NaOH solution (Section 7.1.2) to each of three impingers, and assemble the train as shown in Figure 7C-1. Dietary fiber is included in the total carbohydrate value, but can be stated separately on the label. Maintain a constant pressure in the gas manifold. Increasing the incubation time with 1.7 M NaOH at 50°C from 15 min to either 30, 60, or 120 min (values not shown) gave no change in the determined starch values for the RS fraction of Fibersym®. This method does not completely describe all equipment, supplies, and sampling and analytical procedures you will need but refers to other methods for some of the details. 1.3 Data Quality Objectives. If needed, the CO2 content of the gas may be determined by using the Method 3 integrated sample procedures, or by weighing an ascarite CO2 removal tube used and computing CO2 concentration from the gas volume sampled and the weight gain of the tube. 6.2.1 Magnetic Stirrer. Same as Method 5, section 12.11. (2019), or the 50°C‐NaOH procedure. 10.3.2 Calculate the average absorbance for each set (3 bulbs) of standards using Equation 10A-1 and Table 10A-1.

Leak-free pump with stainless steel and Teflon parts to transport sample at a flow rate of 300 ml/min (0.01 ft

G. The RS containing residue was suspended in NaOH at 50°C according to the rapid RS method.

An additional set of reference signals shall be obtained during a data run if there is a change in wind direction or plume drift of 30° or more from the direction that was prevalent when the last set of reference signals was obtained. Carry out calculations retaining at least one extra significant figure beyond that of the acquired data. Check for peroxide impurities using the procedure outlined in Method 6, section The goal and recommendation for selecting calibration gases is to bracket the sample concentrations. Verify through the manufacturer that the Tedlar alternative is suitable for NO and make this verifed information available for inspection.). August 1982.

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