pope john xxiii encyclicals

In addition, man has a right to rest a while from work, and indeed a need to do so if he is to renew his bodily strength and to refresh his spirit by suitable recreation.

41. Each fears that the other harbors plans of conquest and is only waiting for a favorable moment to put these plans into effect. 220. The result is a vast expenditure of human energy and natural resources on projects which are disruptive of human society rather than beneficial to it; while a growing uneasiness gnaws at men's hearts and makes them less responsive to the call of nobler enterprises. The nations, therefore, must work with each other for their mutual development and perfection. On the national level they include: employment of the greatest possible number of workers; care lest privileged classes arise, even among the workers; maintenance of equilibrium between wages and prices; the need to make goods and services accessible to the greatest number; elimination, or at least the restriction, of inequalities in the various branches of the economy—that is, between agriculture, industry and services; creation of a proper balance between economic expansion and the development of social services, especially through the activity of public authorities; the best possible adjustment of the means of production to the progress of science and technology; seeing to it that the benefits which make possible a more human way of life will be available not merely to the present generation but to the coming generations as well. (56) The man who is "light in the Lord" (57) and who walks as a "child of the light" (58) has a sure grasp of the fundamental demands of justice in all life's difficulties and complexities, obscured though they may be by so much individual, national and racial selfishness.

We might cite as examples such matters as health and education, the choice of a career, and the care and rehabilitation of the physically and mentally handicapped. First, one reviews the concrete situation; secondly, one forms a judgment on it in the light of these same principles; thirdly, one decides what in the circumstances can and should be done to implement these principles. Consequently, if the whole structure and organization of an economic system is such as to compromise human dignity, to lessen a man's sense of responsibility or rob him of opportunity for exercising personal initiative, then such a system, We maintain, is altogether unjust—no matter how much wealth it produces, or how justly and equitably such wealth is distributed. It is vitally important, therefore, that Our sons learn to understand this doctrine.

Catholic Web Design: Hyperdo Media. The continued development of this civilization, indeed its very survival, demand and insist that the Church do her part in the world. The Church is by divine right universal. (37) And the Lord will look upon the charity given to the poor as given to Himself. Yes, both sides speak of justice and the demands of justice, but these words frequently take on different or opposite meanings according to which side uses them.

Moreover, the time has come to promote in agricultural regions the establishment of those industries and services which are concerned with the preservation, processing and transportation of farm products. 30. 118. Hence a greater technical skill is required of the workers, and more exacting professional qualifications. 229. It is Our prerogative to be a Father, and there is a special place in Our thoughts and in Our heart for those professional groups and Christian associations of workers which exist and operate in so many parts of the world. They can therefore be instrumental in reducing imbalances between the different classes of citizens. They are caused, more often than not, by a deficient economic and social organization, which does not offer living conditions proportionate to the increase in population. We are bound above all to consider as an ideal the kind of farm which is owned and managed by the family.

111. (l4).

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