light stone metal roof

The larger your metal roof, the more reasonable the extra cost will be. background-color: transparent; How metal colors impacts energy efficiency For example – poor wall insulation, leaky windows, poor roof insulation/ventilation, etc. There is a selection of regularly available premium shades for different profiles. We have a house in the country the siding is JH Evening Blue and trim SW 6644. the windowes are white. margin-bottom: 0; Our house is a 30 year old cypress wood framed house & we are thinking of putting a metal roof on. div.gform_wrapper .gform_footer, background-color: transparent; SMP does not contain high quality resins, resulting in poor chalking resistance. div.gform_wrapper .gform_page_footer input[type=submit]:last-child { border-radius: px; While a metal roof is already more energy efficient than asphalt shingles, you can maximize its efficiency by choosing the right color. padding-left: px; In most areas of the country, MCA recommends consumers go for coatings with their “Standard” label, as these offer years of excellent performance. div.gform_wrapper form { div.gform_wrapper .gfield_html { Take a look at this reference chart to compare both coatings: If you are planning to install a steel roof, you should know that under the surface color you see, steel also has a special metallic coating. I think that would end up looking great on my house.

div.gform_wrapper .gfield input[type=file] { div.gform_wrapper .gform_footer .gform_button, This also means that your electric bill will be significantly lower. Roof paint’s resistance to fading comes primarily from the type of pigments used. Pick the one you like under most of the lighting conditions. This will allow you save on heating costs.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Take a look at this metal roof color chart: Moreover, standard colors can also vary depending on the roof’s profile. This roofing guide is presented by Leo B. padding-right: px; div.gform_wrapper .top_label select.medium { padding-left: px; div.gform_wrapper .gform_page_footer input[type=submit]:last-child { div.gform_wrapper .gform_page_footer input[type=button]:last-child, border-right-width: px; } Your email address will not be published. Something that is pre-mixed from one manufacturer, may have to be a special order from another.

Looking at this roof, very few people would be able to tell its metal!

Here is an example of an unpainted steel roof on a contemporary beach house. background-color: transparent; div.gform_wrapper .gform_page_footer .button:hover { Cut to Length (minimum length 3ft) Sebp Rib (36″ wide) 29 Gauge, 10 Year Warranty. The bricks are a mixture of red, peach, and dark charcoal. I like that you mentioned that bare metal coloring is a good option for modern homes. } Wow, I didn’t realize that a light shade of roof can make a house appear taller. Note, that MCA Certification is a voluntary program, and not all manufacturers choose to stamp their products, even if they meet the quality criteria.

This coating made of 100% zinc. Metal Roof Houses. Here is an example of their gorgeous ArowLine Slate Roofing product line. The lightning always strikes the tallest object / … border-top-width: px; There are a number of grades available, with the highest being G-90 (contains the highest percentage of zinc). margin-right: px; Which do you think would be the better pick?

With shingles, the roof continues to transfer heat inside the house for hours after the sun goes down.

} border-radius: px; div.gform_wrapper li.gfield_error input:not([type=radio]):not([type=checkbox]):not([type=submit]):not([type=button]):not([type=image]):not([type=file]),

border-right-width: px; } If you have your heart set on a special color metal that is not readily available, it can be custom made. padding-top: px; padding-right: px; div.gform_wrapper .gsection { Metal roofing paint quality img#wpstats{display:none} .woocommerce-product-gallery{ opacity: 1 !important; } } padding-bottom: px;

div.gform_wrapper { Given all of the above, it doesn’t much matter what the actual reflectivity of a “cool roof” paint is – its very efficient. div.gform_wrapper li.gfield_error textarea { Based on extensive laboratory as well as field testing in extreme conditions, selected products receive either the “Standard” or “Premium” stamp. Because zinc is a more active metal than iron, it oxidizes first, thereby forming a protective barrier – zinc oxide.

Especially on modern style homes and on the standing seam profile, this option is very attractive. First – no one can answer that question, because of so many OTHER variables that affect savings on energy use.

div.gform_wrapper h2.gsection_title { } border-style: solid; ajax_pricing_rules_title_header : "", margin-left: px; If you are interested in these trendy colors, contact a few different companies to take a look at their selection. background-color: transparent; When you consider different colors for your roof, keep in mind that your choice will have a great impact on your home’s energy efficiency. div.gform_wrapper input:not([type=radio]):not([type=checkbox]):not([type=submit]):not([type=button]):not([type=image]):not([type=file]), validation_type : "submit", margin-right: 0;

Therefore – you pretty much cannot calculate savings for a particular individual. Moreover, dark and more saturated tones (deep blues, greens, reds, etc) will also fade faster than more muddy and light ones. } border-style: solid; div.gform_wrapper span.ginput_quantity_label, Saving on paint can lead to high cost repairs sooner or later. border-style: solid;

} Note, aluminum roofs are not susceptible to rusting, and are therefore considered a more premium material than steel. div.gform_wrapper .ginput_container label, div.gform_wrapper input:not([type=radio]):not([type=checkbox]):not([type=submit]):not([type=button]):not([type=image]):not([type=file]), Do lighter colors like white show mold and algae or dirt compared to silver or other colors? } div.gform_wrapper table.gfield_list thead th, Note, that in regions with a lot of sun (UV exposure), colors tend to fade at a faster rate than in areas where there is less sun. Consequently, try to avoid very dark or bright shades (especially if you have a large roof), as you don’t want it to be the first and the only thing that stands out about your house. Here are home styles that call for special colors: French Country: these homes look amazing with the green bluish shades that imitate slate, Spanish or Mediterranean: a staple roof color on these homes is the terracotta/orange/reddish tile. I would like to HC-16 Panel 22 Gauge Steel 0.040 Aluminum 12 length,in your store/company i would be happy if you can get back to me again with the prices and dimensions you having available in a moment,and also do you take all types of Credit Cards as your payment required?Kindly get back to me here or on phone so that we will work together as one panther.All the best and stay blessed. We are a roofing construction company in Africa.We roof mostly using decra tiles and we are interested in your products in Africa. text-align: ; See costs in your area div.gform_wrapper span.ginput_product_price, To make the right pick, it is a good idea to consult the Energy Star approved list of “cool” colors and manufacturers. In fact, options are virtually limitless and include custom levels of shininess or gloss. } width: auto !important; }

Trying to find an answer to this one question . By contrast, new SMP coatings are introduced by manufacturers every 4-5 years. Metal Roofing Color Options border-width: px; That is a good idea to request some catalogs from different manufacturers and see which colors are most appealing. This issue can be attributed to the quality of resin used in a coating.

Also If you go with a metal shingle type roof, you can get Grey or Patina Green color in Slate profile.

div.gform_confirmation_wrapper { There are two types available: Galvanized and Galvalume. div.gform_wrapper ul.gform_fields li.gfield:not(.gf_left_third):not(.gf_middle_third)::not(.gf_right_third) { } Contrary to common misconceptions, there is a wide range of metal roof colors and finishes, that can beautifully match any house style. padding-right: px; } div.gform_wrapper .gfield select { padding-bottom: px;
Corrosion prevention – metallic coatings Kynar coating is made of high-performance fluoropolymer resin, and is used to protect both aluminum and steel. div.gform_wrapper select,

Take a careful look at your brick or stone, and consider some complementary shades. Saved by … div.gform_wrapper .top_label input.medium, } } A metal roof does not increase the chances of a lightning striking a house, though. } border-width: px; } padding-top: px; Your installer can help you figure out exactly how much you can expect to spend to put a custom color on your roof. ***Color samples are approximate and may vary from actual material***. Fading will also be a lot more noticeable on darker color metal than on lighter one. width: auto !important; } } Kynar is the top choice for most architects and builders, as it provides superior durability and protects your color against chalking and fading. } We would love to save energy and make the appearance of the ceiling with Light Stone. border-width: px; Each house is different, and each town has different electric rates, and AC usage habits differ. Also, as we previously discussed the look of bare metal works very well on many such homes. padding-left: px; div.gform_wrapper span.ginput_product_price_label, Copyright © 2020 Southeastern Building Products. }

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