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There is infrequent use of mild language.

Besides using vehicles to travel around the island, Rico can also traverse about with his retractable grapple hook, parachute and wing-suit. Please try again later. A man jumps out of a tree onto another man, and they struggle. Just Cause 3 is an open-world action-adventure game in which you use a variety of vehicles and tools to travel around island environments, carry out story missions that often involve shooting or blowing up enemies, or just play with a physics system that lets you destroy entire buildings. Video December 21, 2015 superadmin admin Leave a comment. 27 uses of "fuck" (5 paired with "mother"), 2 uses of "cocksucker, 7 uses of "shit", 16 uses of "damn" (9 paired with "God"), 16 uses of "hell", 10 uses of "bitch", 5 uses of "ass" (2 used as "asshole"), 2 uses of "bastard", 1 use of "nigger", and 1 use of "Jesus". He has just published the Taming Gaming book with its Family Video Game Database. A man grabs another man from behind, and a third man stabs the man who was grabbed several times with a knife (blood seen on his shirt). No drugs are seen int he game (other than in crates) but there are a number of missions related to drug dealing and smuggling -- though you're not the one doing it. Parents need to know that Just Cause 4 is a third-person shooter for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. Mostly robots and buildings are the things that get shot and or destroyed.

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As well as references to drugs in the game's dialogue, including opium, heroin, and cocaine. Only if you find huge explosions intense will this game be so in any way, it is meant to be 'fun' and does not take any situations seriously. This game is violent but in an unrealistic way. Parents' Guide to Just Cause 3. Just Cause 3 is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, from £39.99/$59.99 depending on platform. The word “f**k” appears in the dialogue.” We were unable to submit your evaluation. [expand title="2 Minute Video Guide - Click to confirm you are 18+"] [/expand] 1. Just Cause (1995) Parents Guide Add to guide .

It follows the story of the protagonist Rico Rodriguez as he attempts to liberate his homeland from a dictator. 1. No blood really at all in the game and barely any human violence at all. The player is advised against killing innocent people. | They had, of course, heard of the console but beyond that knew very little about it. Genre.

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The player can kill anyone he encounters including innocent civilians, and rebels, but the game never instructs you to do so. Taglines Mile high club is a mission in the game but there's no nudity in it has some talking but nothing bad for a 15-12, Side mission where you have to assassinate two men that are dancing with a badly dressed girl. Tools for Parents. A few years after the events of Just Cause 2 he has returned to the country of his birth, Medici, to liberate it from a dictator called General Di Ravello. Please try again later.

Thanks! In a few cutscenes violence can occurs such as after the mission "Bavarium on a plane" the general beats a man to the ground and kicks and punches him repeatedly. Edit. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film …

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Sheldon exclaims "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!". Whether it’s watching Monty Python, playing Tetris on the Game Boy or buying sweets by the ounce, I often catch myself getting more excited about introducing my children to the things I loved from my childhood than actually […], Andy Robertson has a new console in the house.Putting the Nintendo Switch in front of the kids was a fascinating experiment. There is an assortment of vehicles (cars, planes, helicopters, tanks, etc) available for use, and some of them are mounted with weapons. 30/01/2016 ... Family guide to Just Cause 3. | However, the exaggerated story is not the focus of the game. | Taglines New Apple Arcade Game ‘South Of The Circle’ Is More Like ‘The Wire’ Than ‘The Last Of Us’, What Parents Need To Know About Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, BB-9E and R2-D2 Join BB-8 as Sphero Star Wars Droids, Win Tickets To UK’s ‘Insomnia’ Gaming Festival, Disney Infinity 3.0 loaded with Star Wars and game-play enhancements, The Simpsons Lego Minifigures Series 2 launch 1st May, Parent Trap: I Really Miss The Nintendo Wii, Parent Trap: A Family Gamer's Perspective On The Nintendo Switch. Players can use all kinds of guns, toss grenades, and use a grappling hook while fighting enemies. Plot Summary | Just Cause 3 Parents’ Guide.

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