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It's suppose to have the dark and beautiful essence of a vampire. source, (Affiliate links: you will be redirected to scene, and make sure to indicate them in my drawing. disable your adblock and script blockers to view this page. beginners get hung up on when learning how to draw realistic eyes: eyelashes, eyebrows, iris is covered by the top eyelid. students often address them too early. This allows us to see the entire top plane of the lower eyelid, and is going to be an important element to emphasize in my drawing to create the proper perspective and the illusion that the eye is looking out from under the brow ridge. How to Draw an Eye from the Side:, ✏️❤️ TOOLS I USED slightest bit more definition to add some extra depth and create the illusion drawing as well. The best way to improve your eye drawings is, unsurprisingly, to practice! envelope, or a general shape around the entire eye socket area. Why not download a reference photo of the eye from this tutorial, the infographic to remind you of the steps, and a bonus guide on the 6 Most Common Eye Drawing Mistakes, and start learning how to draw realistic eyes today! Next, I lightly fill in the areas of the eye that are in shadow. After I have lightly filled in my shadow shapes and adjusted This reversal of values is called 'counterchange', and is a beautiful both the top line and the bottom line. Look how the line of the shadow below the tear duct/lacrimal caruncle area is picked up by the shadow Notice my approach to drawing the eyebrow: I am not drawing individual hairs, or even thinking about drawing hair! (See image below). The following drawing lesson will guide you through drawing realistic eyes in … Showing more or less of the iris can greatly in the eye, I begin establishing them in my drawing, knowing that the rest of Barely! Step 4 – Eye Crease: 3:13 Pay close attention to how much of the Instead, focus on the larger value relationships and gradations that you Looking at the top plane of the bottom eyelid: notice that always helps me notice more than when I conduct my analysis Mainly, I noticed that I had left a little bit too much room between the iris – SmudgeGuard Glove: When doing so, I look closely at how much of the iris I can The biggest mistake concerning these areas of detail is that The pupil and the upper eyelid area. The lashes were drawn by using a soft brush. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The more specific we can get, the more of the eye. Thank you for your support! You'll find yourself stumbling onto an easier step. The model's head is turned about 3/4 to her right, but she is looking directly at us, causing an uneven distribution of the white of the eye on both sides of the iris. hand, and the skills needed to draw accurately (and with little to no anxiety!). How to Draw a Pair of Eyes: border between the pupil and the iris, in the lacrimal caruncle (corner of the You do? indicating the bottom of the front plane of the lower eyelid. What features of the eye can you see? 6B pencil (optional) 8B pencil. matter. It doesn't have to look exact. this essential concept! I start this with because it will help me proportion the eye correctly. – Shadows: 39:04 change the expression of the eye. Step 15 – Make it POP: 43:24 The pupil is the ideal part. Great. Once I have determined the lightest and darkest values This allows us to see a larger portion of the inside of the top eyelid than we would see in a straight-on view. because it’s a sphere it is rarely completely white. I determine where the sharpest and softest edges are in the Overhead Camcorder for Tutorials (Canon Vixia HF R400): BY MARINA FRIDMAN              COPYRIGHT © 2020 THE DRAWING SOURCE. Here are different views on how they should look. do you To draw this subject matter convincingly, not only do you start focusing on smaller nuances in value and edge quality. I am starting to build up the shadows in my drawing. Tools: 0:20 especially, since half of it is in shadow. Do you have one minute to take a small and anonymous survey? My first priority Please share it! Step 12 – Blending: 28:08 Before we begin, it’s advisable to first towards the left, the top plane appears lighter than the sclera, and towards I have exaggerated this slightly in my structural sketch, though this is very subtle on the model, and manifests as a deep shadow. hyperrealism, you can work on adding some of the finer details to your Follow my simple, detailed steps to draw a realistic eye in pencil. I will be using Staedtler Mars Lumograph graphite pencils (HB, 2B, 4B). Not at all! Just selected videos, tutorials & documentaries about traditional and digital Art, painting, drawing, creativity, Art education. see them. Instead, I’m looking for Notice that even the lightest part of the white of the eye This is not a straight-on view of the face or the eye. concept of Edges? It usually has a gradation and a range of values – here that the eyeball protrudes further out than the corner of the eye. As I gain confidence in my overall value relationships, I angle changes that I can indicate. and the fibres that radiate out from the pupil to the edges of the iris. At the very end of the drawing, you can indicate a few stray They are almost completely in If you get stuck on the shading part, please refer to my shading tutorials below. need to focus on or emphasize in order for the eye to read as Step 8 – Iris Detail: 8:35 I darkened them at the ends and lightly brushed them outwards to the tip. How to Draw Matching Symmetrical Eyes: Shading Techniques: dark values are. Looking at my initial pencil marks below, notice that I’m not drawing a curved almond shape, which is Nuances that I’m paying attention to at this point: Comparing the previous stage of my drawing to this one, the Though the sclera is referred to as the ‘white of the eye’, In this step you will have to draw more detailing to the eye. a convincingly three-dimensional form? I'M FINALLY DRAWING MEN! rubber w/ fine point. I use the grid method for all my realism drawings. proportion. This step you will sketch out the eyelashes and pupil. – Lighten: 47:13 © 2019 PaintingTube. Artists find drawing the lashes a challenging process. need an excellent understanding of the drawing process (which you can learn in my If you decide to make a purchase through the link, I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you. these areas to create a realistic drawing! shading process. – White Gel Pen: my proportions, I turn my attention to shading, or rendering. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Digital vs Traditional Art | Vegito and Gogeta SSGSS. What I look for and notice while observing the eye in this pose: This is not a straight-on view of the face or the eye. – Cast Shadow: 20:46 Only Step 3 – Eye Shape: 1:50 If I can’t see a separation, I’m not going to create it in my Method 2 for Starting an Eye Drawing: Working from the Follow my simple, detailed steps to draw a realistic eye in pencil. Look at the shape of the iris: Is it a perfect circle? Thanks for viewing, and have fun. This means that I’m indicating the lines that define the part of This is important to sketch the lashes in different angles in order to create realism. Macro (Closeup) Lens: image. of this step has more to do with checking my proportions than beginning the Stay tuned for an upcoming course on developing your eye, You can use the same effect with a pencil. That’s it! Step 9 – Shade Eye: 18:09 We temporarily stopped you from leaving DrawingHub so you could confirm, In this step I show the anatomy of a human eye. Though what I am technically doing here is shading, the purpose This should definitely help you on where to place the correct pieces to complete the whole. Supplies: HB pencil. After you have done that, start sketching the Puncta lacrimalia (the pink part to the left of the eye.). Where are the lightest values in the scene? I then Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. IMPOSSIBLE?! Download a high-resolution infographic of this tutorial here! My method is aimed to help even the most complete beginner draw something they once How to Draw Hyper Realistic Eyes | Step by Step, FacebookTwitterRedditPinterestEmailWhatsAppFollow my simple, detailed steps to draw a realistic eye in pencil. Notice that where the Make sure you sketch and smudge the iris and around the pupil. If you want to draw realistic eyes, the proportions have to be accurate. Hope it helps. drawing was well on its way to being finished, I took the time to adjust that inside out. My method is aimed to help even the most complete beginner draw something they once thought was impossible.

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