flatbread recipe yoghurt

Just get them to resemble a saucer shape as much as you can and you're good to go.

That makes the resulting breads really inundated with flour and results in an unpleasant tasting bread. My only concern was that the dough was pretty sticky and needed a fair amount more flour to roll out easily.

These quick and easy yoghurt … Pop a comment and a star rating below! But there is a difference between the two and that difference lies in one important ingredient - yeast! The dough is ready when it is able to hold it’s shape and is not sticking to your hands or the surface. Just be sure to not cook the flatbreads with the garlic butter on them - the garlic tends to burn. I was much more pleased with this version. « Mini Mushroom Pies (Made In a Pie Maker), Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore with Potatoes ». Some recipes uses equal parts yogurt and some as little as half yogurt to the amount of flour. I’ll be making them in the very near future in a recipe for Chicken Shawarma Wraps! If using all purpose flour instead of self raising flour, mix 3 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp baking soda into the flour before using. You’ll find hundreds of other great ideas in our Quick & Easy Dinners Category and even more in our Chicken Recipes Category. Our product recommendations are almost exclusively for those we currently use or have used in the past. Garlic butter is completely optional. What to do?

Gradually add in more flour until the dough starts to form into a ball. Definitely going to try’s the scrolls. That proved to be not so simple. These yogurt flatbreads are terrific with soups and salads or with any dish that needs a side of bread. The flatbread tastes great with or without it. Your email address will not be published. I think I’ll need to vary the ratios just slightly as my dough was a little sticky.

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A quick easy recipe with 2 basic ingredients. Traditionally flatbread is made without yeast, which is also known as an unleavened bread. This is going to be a super handy recipe to have on hand. It’s easy to keep up with the latest home style cooking & baking ideas from Rock Recipes. Copyright © 2020 Cook it Real Good on the Brunch Pro Theme. I know we will be using this recipe a lot in the future, especially when time is short. I was very intrigued to try this for myself. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.
It worked like a charm. Exact accuracy is not guaranteed.

Yogurt Flatbreads.

For recipes where all ingredients may not be used entirely, such as those with coatings on meats, or with sauces or dressings for example, calorie & nutritional values per serving will likely be somewhat lower than indicated. These flatbreads could not be easier to make.

Lightly grease a clean work surface with olive oil then use a rolling pin to roll each ball of dough out into rounds approximately the size of a saucer. Those have been enjoyed countless times with Chicken Souvlaki or our now famous Butter Chicken. Top them with an optional garlic butter or serve as is. flip and cook for an additional minute or so on the other side. Working with one ball of dough at a time, roll each one out to an 8 x 8 circle. My lifetime love of cooking & baking has led me to share over 1800 recipes on this blog over the last 13 years. FOR THE FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS AND COMPREHENSIVE INSTRUCTIONS, PLEASE SEE THE PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD AT THE END OF THIS POST. The nutritional information provided is automatically calculated by third party software and is meant as a guideline only. You'll get weekly meal and baking suggestions too! While the basic ingredients of flour and yogurt were the same in many recipes, their proportions varied wildly. Learn to cook fast, easy meals that don't sacrifice taste. Repeat with the remaining flatbread. Store any leftover flatbreads in an airtight plastic container or plastic bag. There is no need to knead this dough, that will make the dough too tough. Can the dough be successfully saved if 6 servings are not needed? I was not pleased with these. There is no need to oil or butter the skillet. Posted on May 23, 2019 Categories Archives, Breads, Budget Friendly Meals, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Side Dishes. Spinach and Feta Pinwheels [Oven or Air Fryer], Impossible Quiche (Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche).

Lightly grease a work surface with olive oil then use a rolling pin to roll each ball of dough out into rounds approximately the size of a saucer. Divide the dough into 6 even parts. Naan bread, on the other hand, is made with yeast and is a leavened bread. You want to work quickly with this dough – it tends to get stickier the longer it’s at room temperature. More flour? I'm Cassie!

These are so handy to pull out when you're having curry or soup for dinner. I find that when I dust the flatbreads with flour instead the flour either burns and tastes awful. They're also perfect to serve with dips. It is easy to over measure flour for any recipe by as much as 30% or more as you can see in the photo below. Divide the dough into 6 even parts.

1 ½ cups Self-Raising Flour + more if needed. If you’ve made these Quick and Easy Yogurt Flatbreads I’d love to hear how you enjoyed them! Modified: May 12, 2020 by Cassie. My last few flatbreads were easier to roll out as well so I’m thinking I’ll let the dough rest for 10 minutes or so before I cook it next time. It can result in mis-measurement of up to 34%. There are so many ways to use this flatbread!
Both breads can be used in a similar fashion and both taste delicious. I certainly never do. Hi, I'm Barry. Required fields are marked *. Thanks for the great idea, I'm always looking for gluten free receipes..when you subistute gluten free flour some work well in some receipes but not in others . I've popped down a simple garlic butter that tastes great slathered on top of the flatbreads when they're fresh off the frying pan. They did very well in the competition and this type of flatbread often accompanied many of their Middle Eastern dishes.

Yogurt Flatbreads. Read more on how to avoid this common baking pitfall in our post on, For more tried and true recipes, check out this collection of our, You’ll find hundreds of other great ideas in our, It’s easy to keep up with the latest home style cooking & baking ideas from Rock Recipes.

The flatbreads were soft, fluffy and delicious.

How you measure flour is important. Since this is a very common recipe in Middle Eastern cuisine, I figured I could find the right recipe proportions online. No fuss.

Yogurt flatbreads also make a nice appetizer served as part of a mezze platter, or served … BEFORE YOU SCROLL, THIS POST IS FILLED WITH HELPFUL INFORMATION FOR MAKING THIS RECIPE. Just easy, deliciously soft flatbreads.

Next, I tried the other end of the proportion spectrum and tried equal volumes of yogurt and flour. You're awesome for doing it! Stay tuned. Those can be quite time consuming though, because of the necessity to allow the yeast to do its work. A quick, easy recipe for light, fluffy delicious flatbreads using 2 basic ingredients, that you can make in mere minutes. These quick and easy yoghurt flatbreads are on the menu almost every week in our house.

Drizzle more oil on the surface as needed. You’ll get weekly suggestions for great family friendly  meals and desserts too! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Then you just cook them in a frypan and they're ready to serve. FOR THE FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS AND COMPREHENSIVE INSTRUCTIONS, PLEASE SEE THE PRINTABLE RECIPE CARD AT THE END OF THIS POST. Naan and flatbread look similar and you could easily think they were both the same thing. Be sure to follow Rock Recipes Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram. Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Yogurt Flatbreads. Once flatbreads have completely cooled, place in an airtight container or ziplock bag in the freezer for up to three months. You can also subscribe without commenting. Give it a go with baking powder next time - you'll be impressed! Help spread the word. These look delicious!

Cook It Real Good is a food blog that focuses on making the most of simple ingredients. BEFORE YOU SCROLL, THIS POST IS FILLED WITH HELPFUL INFORMATION FOR MAKING THIS RECIPE. No yeast required! Any chance you could publish both weights and cups? They are ready in 15 minutes, and are the perfect side for soups, stews and curries. Lodge L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Logic Pre-Seasoned Skillet, FineDine Premium Various Sizes Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl (10 Piece) With Airtight Lids, Rock Recipes: The Best Food From My Newfoundland Kitchen. Divide the dough into 10 even- sized balls. Oh and the less washing up, the better! Both are one cup of flour but one weighs much more. We all love the kind of meal where breads like this are used to make incredible wraps or to soak up delicious sauces. These super quick and easy yoghurt flatbreads are made with just three ingredients. Copyright 2020-My Gorgeous Recipes - All Rights Reserved. Divine theme by Restored 316.

Cover the bowl with kitchen foil, and set aside for 20 minutes. Read more on how to avoid this common baking pitfall in our post on How to Measure Flour Correctly. If you're worried about using yeast or just looking for something super quick and easy, flatbreads the best way to go. Come back often, there's always great new food & recipes coming out of my St. John's, Newfoundland kitchen! There are dry cooked. Here's what you'll need (full measurements in the recipe card below)... Place Greek yoghurt in a mixing bowl and give it a stir. I was quite anxious to try this new type of flatbread to have a shortcut method available.

This is entirely optional and not necessary, but adds a little something more if you're entertaining.

Rock Recipes a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Tks Judy. You can also sign up for our FREE newsletter to know immediately when we add new recipes. At this stage the dough is pretty sticky, but not to worry, it’s absolutely fine. 2 cups self raising flour (see note below for using all purpose flour). How do you keep the dough from falling apart? Just leave on the counter for 10 minutes or so to bring to room temperature, then zap in the microwave to warm up for 20 seconds. Light and fluffy flatbreads are great for serving with dips, curries, soups and stews. These are easily reheated in the cast iron pan for just a few seconds per side. Given your helpful advice on precision and measurement - I'm in the UK and use scales.

The only difference is that you need to use olive oil to roll out the flatbreads instead of flour. A quick easy recipe for light, fluffy delicious flatbreads using 2 basic ingredients, that you can make in mere minutes. Thanks Jean! I've done the same before by mistake when I was using all purpose flour instead of self-raising Wondered why my flatbreads were so... flat haha. The dough is made very simply, basically using flour, yogurt and a leavening agent. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Try to roll the dough as … Spouse and I had been watching a cooking competition recently where one of the teams was from Lebanon.

It also tends to leave flour marks which don't look nice.

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