female overtraining symptoms

A group of elite triathletes pushed to the point of overtraining (training load raised by 40 per cent over a three-week period) by a French research team, and compared with a control group, not only performed poorly on cycling tests but MRI scans also revealed that their cognitive abilities were compromised too. Overtraining ruins their progress, and it's no different for you either. “In the winter I worked like never before. This post specifically refers to female risk, but it is important to keep in  mind that it does affect both male and females at a relatively high rate. Failure to reach fitness goals: weight-loss ceases or weight-gain ensues when a body is unable to respond to calorie burn. While moderate exercise is important for cardiovascular functioning, doing “too much of a good thing” can be antagonistic to heart health. It causes the nervous system to go into overdrive. 2 3 4 As some are easier to spot than others, here are the top 7 signs you’re overtraining… You don’t need to be a professional athlete to experience these effects — any woman who overtaxes their body too often can develop this condition. That’s how many women exercise too much, out of fear. Leads to Muscle Wasting and Decreased Strength. Experiencing a combination of nervous and endocrine (hormone) system changes can keep you up at night and lead to insomnia, or wake up you up very early in the morning and prevent your from falling back asleep — which leaves you groggy and unable to focus the following day. While regular exercise has a ton of proven benefits — lowering stress levels, giving you more energy, better managing your weight and improving heart health — this doesn’t mean that overtraining can’t cause the opposite types of effects. Note that the numbers in parentheses (1, 2, etc.) Some people who over-train still won’t actually lose fact they may put some more weight on. In that sense, doing 30 minutes of cardio may be better for weight loss than doing 60 minutes of cardio! The last one is especially dangerous because you may think that you have to do even more, although the solution is actually the opposite… And although you probably don't want to admit it, recovery from overtraining syndrome requires rest. “My thoughts regarding all online coaching plans is that, while they are useful, they do not recognise stress, or tell you to rest. While training in moderation undoubtedly has positive effects on hormonal health, studies show there’s a “point of diminishing returns.” Too much exercise without proper rest can cause chronic stress and is linked to problems in the adrenal gland. Do you have any of these overtraining symptoms that often occur in women? It’s like flogging a dead horse. There are also some signs and symptoms that will indicate if you are pushing it too hard without enough rest or nutrition to sustain the effort.

At my very worst times, I used to sleep as little as 3-4 hours a night, which happened when I ran the minimum of 10 kilometers a day, often more. Loss of menstrual cycle isn’t that uncommon overtraining symptom in women at all. Overtraining may occur even if you workout much less than that, and even if, Most women who overtrain think they’re doing the right thing by being very active and watching their food intake to make sure they’re not over eating and that they're working out a lot. The process of muscle recovery and rebuilding broken-down muscle tissue can take several days, so if you exhaust already fatigued muscles before they’re ready, you won’t see gains in terms of strength and more endurance. And of course more time to yourself to do whatever makes you happy. This article is based on scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked by our trained editorial staff. In order to help you prevent yourself from doing damage, it helps to know what happens to the body when you’re under too much physical stress, this way you can recognize the warning signs. Your email address will not be published. The female triad is a syndrome that can cause serious damage and increase the risk of injury in our female athletes that has 3 specific variables: eating disorder/malnutri ti on, amenorrhea (missed or completely absent menstrual periods) and osteoporosis. If this situation lasts for three months or longer, it’s called hypothalamic amenorrhea. Whether you are male or female, you are equally at risk for OTS, so recognizing the early signs and combating them can prevent detrimental fitness and health outcomes. Why does this happen? Not unusual at all.. Overtraining and sleep issues often go hand in hand. If you keep doing it, you may soon be going even backwards, your running times slow down and you’re taking more and more plates off your barbell…. Those with addictive personalities are at a higher risk of becoming addicted to overtraining. Other signs include increased daytime sleepiness, waking unrefreshed, reduced appetite, a lack of concentration, mood changes, frequent injuries, increased achiness, anaemia and eating disorders. Decreasing the intensity of your work-outs especially for those who have been working out 6-7 days each week for a prolonged period of time, it can be difficult to cut down on work-outs. Purpose: Overtraining syndrome (OTS) is reported in endurance sports. People battling weight gain are repeatedly told that they simply need to exercise more and cut calories, but in reality this is damaging to the metabolism and might totally backfire. Try training three days a week instead of five, or take a full week off from working out altogether. Know what you won’t to achieve and try to do so in the healthiest way possible. The earliest effects of overtraining impact the sympathetic nervous system. You should be able to see them if you're brave enough to open your eyes and look! Your workout quality will suffer, you won't make progress (more on that in a second), so lack of calories definitely contributes to overtraining. You’re better off reacting faster so you can avoid further problems, instead of keeping doing what you’re doing but isn't working, and hoping that your overtraining symptoms will magically disappear. Take some time off or substitute for lighter, more restorative workouts for a while. The Department of Kinesiology at Texas A&M University describes overtraining syndrome as “chronic fatigue, burnout and staleness, where an imbalance between training/competition, versus recovery occurs.” The result?

The syndrome is not easy to diagnose due to the complex nature and the symptoms it presents. It is often seen in female athletics that focus on low body weight IE – figure skating, ballet, swimming and diving, long distance runners, and soccer. The sooner you realize that you might be overtraining and take a break, the shorter the time off will be and the faster you will get back to your normal routine again. I couldn’t recover because I couldn’t get 10 days away from the bike. Bentonite Clay: Benefits, Uses, & Dangers | Dr Pompa, Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner: A Full Course Feast with Recipes, Activated Charcoal Benefits, Uses & Side Effects, Healthy Halloween: Six Treat Re-Makes with Healthier Options, Irregular or non-existent menstrual cycle, Frequently fall sick or have a hard time recovering from minor illnesses, Walking to the grocery store and shopping for groceries. This tipping point is known as overtraining syndrome (OTS) and, in short, leads to a decrement in fitness level and possibly injury. I took a complete break from working out for almost 6 months, and only then was I able to very carefully introduce exercise again. For a short while it works. While Mill concedes that there are some fantastic platforms, he says more guidance is needed to manage workloads as well as the expectations that are based on the results of sessions.

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