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After training with GMO I feel like a whole new person!

Unhaltbar niedrige Bezahlung, aber man kann in den Frühlingsmonaten gutes Geld verdienen

THE AUDACITY. I am now waiting for the outcome from the attorney General. got hit with the annual fee same as everyone else. They refuse to refund money that they overcharged. So evil to scam so many out of money and refuse to cancel this terrible service.

Of course, that means we want to save your credit rating and your body composition!...Read more, Staffs are nightmare .

If there isn’t a class action happening already, their should be. Sorry to learn you're experiencing an issue with your membershipI see in your complaint you mention you've been speaking with ABC FinancialIf ABC Financial is your biller, you will neet to resolve the issue on your account with the management of the franchise locationI can have a representative of the franchise clubs reach out to you if you would likePlease feel free to email me your information and I will forward directly to themMy contact information is belowBest, [redacted] - Crunch Corporate [redacted], The District Manager for this location has left voicemails and is now trying to reach out via email to discuss with member but no reply has been received at this time, Address: 1251 Huron St, London, Ontario, Canada, N5Y 4V1, Add contact information for Crunch Fitness, Sharing is caring! I have been unsuccessful in doing so, hence why I have filed my complaints.The worst part is that I emailed the Crunch West Hamilton on March 16th to freeze my membership due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its not much $$ but I dislike how they do not point that out when you ask them a direct question. Throw your stuff (towel) to make sure you are buying from them.Teacher in class doesn't really correct your position.It's just all about money, nothing else. It’s bad enough with the Covid that people are struggling financially . You're having us sign a contract and your staff doesn't even know what it says?

Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Kostenlose Fitnessstudiomitgliedschaft, Krankenversicherung, Sonntags normalerweise frei. 11 Reviews. will be the $ 10 most badly spent you will have.terrible service for you!

tried the online inquiry box and got ignored twice. middle of an airborne pandemic and they won't accept that maybe I don't want to spend time in a building with a bunch of heavily breathing random strangers... tried to cancel my membership after a year and they claim the last five months don't count as actual time because of the pandemic and so to cancel I will need to pay an extra fee... just awful.

Sometimes the communication with management is not the best and I felt unappreciated at times. Fun employee events.

I also requested to cancel my membership at that time as circumstances have clearly changed due to COVID-19 and I do not feel safe going to the gym until there is a vaccine. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Crunch Fitness. I again asked to cancel and refund but they would only offer me credit... for what???

It doesn’t pay as much but it’s still a very fun job to work at. For some people going to the gym is a physical thing, but for me it was more of a mental thing. I’ve learned a lot at this job as it helped me improve my working skills. The manager will talk in black voice then switch back.

This is a great place to learn how to become a great trainer.

I even read some comments on Google Reviews and the Facebook website about some extremely questionable safety practices.

The instructors are only interested in making a fast buck through PT exp... ensive pricing. 2.2. cr It’s bad enough with the Covid that people are struggling financially .

I quit, joint Around The Clock and what a difference. They can keep the so called annual fee, but I cancelled my membership so they won’t get anymore money from me. I got into discussions with a manager who only offered to freeze my membership but not cancel it. even tried contacting crunch via facebook and instagram with no success. So please find other gym in same Area I don’t know but better than this.

:) I have way more energy, my strength is up, my confidence is back, I now have motivation to start the day, and not only am I physically stronger; I'm mentally stronger too. They state I didn’t cancel.


Big shout out to personal trainer Guillermo Arguelles, AKA GMO at Crunch on University. I was dissatisfied. My husband and I were members of Anytime Fitness for nearly 15 years and liked it but we also thought the cost was high. We told Nick we can only train on Sunday. I love the gym and the staff though when Crunch start debiting the wrong amount in excess out of your account and after 5 weeks, approx 10 emails, over 10 phone calls, spoken to 3 managers, Ian, Patrick and Joe.

ongoing training and educations, This job is awesome , you see all different types of people , and sometimes see people doing some funny stuff , your always busy and you make phone calls to people to collect payments , or to sell memberships, People are rude on the phone and annoying. Machinery takes ages to get fixed. I have no respect for this place at all. I also read people are permitted to take off their masks?! Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Crunch Fitness to ask questions about: Activation/ Cancellation, Payments and Charges, Product/ Service.

y are misleading and never tell you about their annual fee that they sneak in. It seems impossible to cancel my membership, I have been emailing and trying to call for a months (their listed phone number does not work). Sign in for Just $15 per weekMonth by month payment$60 for cancellation ( one month upfront payment)Been busy for a couple of months since October 2019Haven’t been to the Gym for 5 monthI have received an email last week stating the following:We’ve noticed your account is currently in arrears. No different than before covid. Google for yourself to read. After I had requested a copy they said, that they couldn't release copy of the agreement when I had signed and without a doubt I had signed a document where it stated that I had consented and had given permission to crunch to withdraw money from my account. When it’s the other way around. Another conglomerate wrecks a grassroots business. They have every machine you can think of.

Hierdurch wird die gegenwärtig ausgewählte Bewertung für das Zielprofil von ersetzt. Write a review Write a review Reviews 11 Write a review. I will continue at my gym in philly. I have to pay $230 I don't have because of something not within my control. Culture Culture New.

Run from this gym as fast as you can. How do you feel about going to work each day at Crunch Fitness?

They run out of tissue papers, equipment is dirty, during Covid19 they were least bothered for cleanliness and staff if busy chatting amongst themselves without attending to customers with queries. Write a review. Groups of 4-8 constantly hogging the benches and racks on rotation for hours at a time, leaving their equipment all over the stations in a literal campout.

Debt Free!- WRONG!! By my observation Crunch has a terrible compensation program for their employees. Excellent (4-5) 6 reviews . Crunch Fitness Reviews by Job Title. Favoritism was shown by manager to certain employees .

However, as a customer service gesture.

Sich frei zu nehmen, wird nicht gefördert. Crunch Fitness Reviews 11 • Poor . Good work enviroment.Very clean gym. As I waited for the email from the crunch rep, I opened the document and showed that in the document they had used my account information along with my name and other information that was provided on the document. To do this you will just need to pop to reception to complete a freeze form.Also, there is just an outstanding balance on your last account, which will need to be settled before it can be cancelled as staff unfortunately forgot to take the payment on the day you re-joined up.

Recommendation. This Gym is arrogant. Scammm. The company has unrealistic sales goals with terrible pay, which will never change till they change the compensation plan and resolve the turn-over issue. See more Crunch Fitness reviews by job title, See more Crunch Fitness reviews by location, Explore popular careers in Crunch Fitness.

And the best part... no matter what, GMO always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude, which is contagious. The Latin negāre means "to deny," so by reneging on your word, you are denying someone whatever you promised them. I hope that will be the wake up call they will need to realize they need to do better.

lack of honesty, do not communicate, just want to take your money, even when you freeze, they are still charging you fees and taxes. Crunch Fitness (Gym): 1.8 out of 5 stars from 109 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site Dazuverdienen per Nebenjob – was ist erlaubt und was nicht?

If you work in a busy club and have a fun staff, it makes everything so much better.

Definitely found something better than even my favorite gym back in California.

Anytime Fitness offer a lot more and better quality machines by far.

It is so fun and you meet a lot of people and the environment is nice, Great gym facilities but poor place to work.

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