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Hairy spiderwort is the only species in the region that has both glandular and nonglandu-lar hairs on its sepals.

Purplish green to brown flowers in loose racemes. Go Botany: Native Plant Trust

Purplish green to brown flowers in loose racemes. Found this plant? The somewhat asymmetrical flowers of this species are pollinated by noctuid moths, the flower depositing a pollinarium (pollen mass) on either the left or right compound eye of the moth, depending on which way the … All Characteristics, the plant has one or more swollen storage organs underground, such as bulbs, tubers or corms, there are only slender roots on the plant, this plant has a rhizome (a horizontal underground stem with roots growing from it), the leaf is pleated or folded back and forth along its length, the underside of the leaf is strongly tinted with pink, red, purple or reddish brown, the tip of the leaf blade is acuminate (tapers to a long, thin point), the tip of the leaf blade is acute (sharply pointed). Common. Cranefly orchid is a rare orchid found in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and in the southeastern states. As a moth inserts its head into the flower to obtain nectar, a pollinium (a tiny ball of pollen) is attached to the moth's eye and may inadvertently be deposited on the stigma of another flower. Non-native: introduced Crane-fly orchid derives its common name from the fancied resemblance of the delicate flowers to the insect of that name. Also covers those considered historical (not seen those considered historical (not seen in 20 years). The cranefly orchid has coopted nocturnal moths in the family Noctuidae for pollination. tall with linear leaves and parallel veins. image, please click it to see who you will need to contact. Last week's Nature Journal about "winter orchids" focused on puttyroot leaves.


a sighting. Although the plant is rather common throughout the Blue Ridge, it is inconspicuous when flowering in the shadowy woodland settings it favors. Contact them at or or write to P.O. Carbohydrates stored in the shallow-rooted corm are used to produce a new leaf in fall, and flowers, fruits, and seeds in summer. Ecology: This relatively common orchid is easily missed because it's leafless in summer when the plant flowers and the slender flowering stalk and flowers blend in with leaf litter on the forest floor.

But as curious as it may seem, winter is the prime time to locate and identify two of our orchid species. Amazingly, the deposition of pollinia on insect eyes is a common mode of pollen transfer in temperate orchids.

Flowers Apr.-June (often flowering again in fall).

George Ellison is an award-winning naturalist and writer. Description: Densely hairy perennial herb up to 15 in. For details, please check with your state. Description: A perennial with a single annual leaf arising from a small corm, dull green above, purple below, emerging in fall, withering and disappearing in mid-to late spring before flowering. The underside is a rich satiny purple. Taxonomy: A genus of 3 species — 1 in the eastern United States, the Himalayas, and Japan. Show

donations to help keep this site free and up to date for All images and text © A lack of sufficient nutrients and pollen transfer typically results in fewer than 25 percent of the flowers maturing fruit. state. (Wetland indicator code: Also, by reflecting sunlight, the densely hairy leaves remain relatively cool, which in turn reduces evaporative water loss from the leaf surface. The tiny seeds (with very small nutrient reserves) require specific fungi for both seed germination and seedling growth.

cranefly orchid. It is …

The small seeds are dispersed by gravity and by the flow of surface water following rain. Because Trades-cantia species are interfertile, when 2 or more species are in close proximity, hybrids can occur. leaf (with a purple underside) stands out in winter against the mostly grayish brown forest floor. These moths find the flowers soon after they open and stick around only as long as there is nectar still present in the long nectar spurs. Exact status definitions can vary from state to In contrast, the dark green. the state.

Note: when native and non-native

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