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In order to meet these demands, Taqeef created a tailored service and support provision which guarantees the client’s demands for flexibility, high stock holding and pan-regional (and often emergency) technical support are always met. Register now and access all UAE government websites. Congratulations! The cooling challenges for this client are diverse and often complex and critical. For more information please contact us through email address (  ) or as the below contact number : For Suppliers Registration link please click here .​​, Please contact the Abu Dhai This includes: Taqeef has worked collaboratively with The Command of Military Works to deliver market-leading service and support, developing innovative solutions to many challenges. You are now already well versed with vendor you are thinking to add more fields to the registration form but don't know how to accomplish it? Fret not! Size of the attachment should not except 15 Gb . We recommend all potential suppliers to read through the guideline prior to participating in an e-Auction: e-Cat, or e-Catalogue, is an online platform that makes it easy for Maersk buyers to procure goods and services at prices and conditions that have been pre-negotiated between Suppliers and Maersk Procurement. Didn't receive confirmation instructions. Copy of Value Added Tax (VAT)  Certificate. We are also a lead supplier for the many military residential housing compounds throughout the UAE. Download the application form and fill it out. All the registration requirements should be valid . The e-Auction guideline describes the process, ethics and principles for how e-Auctions are conducted in Maersk. You have created your company profile and company admin account. Maersk recommends that suppliers and partners embrace the e-Sourcing process and utilize the benefits offered by the e-Sourcing tool. We are proud to be their HVAC supplier of choice and to have been entrusted to complete many critical installation projects all over the world. Find your next opportunity in Maersk Procurement. Copyright © 2019 | All Rights Reserved. After the e-Cat team has conducted sanity check on your catalogue, they will send it back to the supplier for upload. If there is an error in your upload, the e-Cat Team can assist the supplier to rectify the error. A Valid commercial license permitting Economic Activity in the Emirates . Vendor Registration "First Dubai Real Estate Co. values its relationship with its vendors/partners and is always working on improving this relationship with the objective of … By Company Type. Increase your chances of being found by the companies that matter most - Issuers & Buyers, Access detailed project data including stage, sector, participant contact info and more, Reduce risk significantly with the most efficient eTendering solution for construction, Digitize your end-to-end Tendering process and accelerate decision-making, Be the first to know of new Middle East projects and beat your competition to win them, Introduce your company to projects looking for Contractors, Increase awareness of your products regionally, get specified and win business. e-Auctions include both price and non-price (service level, quality, etc.) Federal entities and organizations are exempt from the payment of registration fees and the purchase of tender documents. All rights reserved to Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, ©2020, ​Download the Acknowledgement private sector compliance with contracting stipulation of government entities​. Inclusion of your company in the database does not mean that it will be included in all supplier solicitations, it only means that your company, if included in the database, will be given equal consideration in the process of supplier … Here's a solution to your distress!! Registration/ Renewal fee is AED 200.00 Vendors must have one or more UAE national partner (s) who hold at least 51% of the company’s capital. Suppliers get the possibility of improving their proposals based on market feedback (e.g. Note: If you are already registered with, you can use the same login credentials to sign in to smartpass. A system demonstration and training will also then take place. Maersk might decide to provide certain suppliers with a positive or negative handicap in order to include all cost elements in the negotiation. parameters to ensure the result of the auction reflect the overall best total value for Maersk. Ensure that you are the right contact person with the required empowerment. If you are a Supplier with Maersk you can log in here. The last stage will be the approval of catalogue and once it has been approved, products will be readily available in the system. The approval of catalogue signifies the end of Onboarding Process. A one click auction, start price here is decided by the purchaser which is gradually increased until time runs out or until the first supplier accepts the current price. APM and Supplier Dialogue: In this stage of the on-boarding process happens the discussion of Category Manager and Supplier regarding the price and products that will be delayed in the e-Catalogue System. Maersk Procurement is driving consortium activities with other reputable companies to capture benefits of joint procurement. Command of Military Works has not yet added certifications. We want to work with suppliers who share our core values and vision to help us go beyond meeting our end customers’ needs and maintain our industry leadership while creating value for all parties - who supports us in our journey towards a carbon-neutral future.

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