chinese thinking vs western thinking

In this way, said Peng, the "cognitive elite" resolve contradictions and arrive at higher levels of knowledge. More on Traffic in China>>>. One always has an audience, but one from which one’s clear meaning may need to be routinely shielded. Just note that this won’t happen in the big shopping malls. The differences between Eastern and Western thought can be clearly seen in modern society, despite globalization and unifying influences. Any disagreements he may have with a speaker could be brought up later in a more private forum, giving the speaker face in the process. Chinese customers prefer e-commerce platforms than the official website of the specific brand. When rejecting others’ offers or requests of help, it is best to do so with a polite excuse rather than a flat out refusal, in order to maintain the dignity of the relationship. The conclusion from all of this, when comparing Chinese versus their Western counterparts, is that the former are more likely to go out of their way to help friends and people in their circle of influence, whereas the latter are more likely to go out and help strangers. When it comes to etiquette and ways of doing things, there are some key differences between how the Chinese operate versus how Westerners do so. On the contrary, Chinese people consider an indirect way is more polite, so that they don’t like to say “No” directly. It takes all sorts of thinking to make the world go round, and globalization is increasingly bringing both ends of the spectrum together. For example, you can’t tell whether some Chinese people get mad, because they may smile politely, but maybe they’ve already got angry internally. Worship, the real Chinese worships ancestors. 5 Days Inner Mongolia Research Family Tour. This may also apply to restaurants, travel agency and plenty more areas. "everyone must have a car to feel good". Thus setting clear goals is difficult, as a Chinese person is acutely conscious that “reality” is always shifting, in a continuous process without apparent cause, beginning or end. This article is from the free online course: Learners who joined this course have also enjoyed these courses. The forces of capitalism are now driving competition and innovation in China, which often goes against the grain, and consistency is also a goal in the West, but more difficult to achieve there. keep their thoughts to themselves. Sign up to our newsletter and we'll send fresh new courses and special offers direct to your inbox, once a week. During weddings and occasions where red envelopes are exchanged, the amounts of money given and the donors are duly noted since the same amount would be expected to be paid back at future events. The short answer is it used to be a lot, and there aren’t much difference any more. A Christian worldview includes a belief in absolute truth: one God created us all and has standards that apply to all people, and guilt is experienced if God's standards are not met.

Here are some characteristics in most Chinese thinking and writing, from a Western point of view: no plain statement of thesis to be argued; lack of clear definitions of key concepts; an impulse to collect rather than select information; an apparent inability to calibrate information by mustering it to support a central thesis. Chinese people focus more on the relationships and details, while western people emphasis more on categories. In the Western approach to systems thinking there are similar concepts of holistic thinking, synergism, and cause and effect. In Western society, the individual rules. In China, people use very different e-commerce platforms from what you use in your own country, especially among young people. © 2020 We guess you may want to buy some gifts and souvenirs during your trip in China, you can totally arrange some time for shopping. FutureLearn’s purpose is to transformaccess to education. As a result, young people have become China’s lucrative generation. Westerners feel a strong sense of individualism. In the past Eastern (Chinese) and Western cultures have had very different formative influences, leading to major differences in thinking. The Individual. Discover the importance and the process of language testing during awake brain surgery. Chinese consumers are into famous brands, such as international luxury brands and local well-known brands in China. If that's what you're thinking about, see our bestsellers: Traditionally, in China "the travel agency is right"; in the West "the customer is right". As the guest, you are allowed to sit through the entire visit without even touching the cup, since the host was just doing his duty by offering it to you, despite your personal preference to decline. This is also why it is so important to keep making contacts in order to enter the circles of others. Though Christianity teaches love for all people, unity, and an acceptance of God's word, its (Protestant) interpretation in the West tends to support individual, focused, linear progress ("innovation") towards a heavenly goal, and a questioning attitude in the pursuit of truth. In the Chinese world, politeness is part of a basic set of principles that has to be followed by all.
It can be said that generally the West has a Christian moral framework. Different motives: Consumerism means that e.g. (Personal note: I have experienced this first hand, when a former girlfriend broke up with me out of the blue, when I thought all was well. By writing in this manner, a Chinese university student is simply exemplifying the way most Chinese people think: relating all particular instances to the whole rather than taking them apart. XHTML: You can use these tags:

, eight When it comes to etiquette and ways of doing things, there are some key differences between how the Chinese operate versus how Westerners do so. Westerners hold the opposite attitude. It’s possible that Chinese people feel angry on the inside without reflecting their feelings on the outside. If many horses are there, there is a general universal principle called horseness, etc. And, finally, in lieu of a clear conclusion, an assumption that “facts” are presented only to provide a moral: that is, to be offered as guidance from and to the larger community. You can update your preferences and unsubscribe at any time. Westerners have a strong sense of what is right and wrong, and want to know what the "truth" of a situation is. In the East (China) there is an emphasis on consistency through formulas and repetition (e.g. Chinese People Queueing up for Recommended Snacks. FutureLearn accepts no liability for any But, hopefully through this article, you can understand how and why Chinese thought has developed and can appreciate some of its benefits. Sign up with your Facebook account to try out the first 4 lessons of the course for free.

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