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A confident Ali shakes his head at George at the end of round two. An aged Ali was the huge underdog having been through many wars during his career. Most of Foreman’s shots were blocked and when the champion did manage to land a solid blow, the iron-tough Ali taunted him by pausing to ask, like an oenophile comparing vintages, if that was George’s best. Despite this we can look back now and appreciate anew the true brilliance of his performance against Foreman, knowing that it involved far more than loose ropes and Ali’s astonishing durability, but also the skill of a truly great fighter, whose upset victory more than four decades ago, remains, arguably, his finest ring achievement. The thing people must realize is that Foreman was in his prime when he locked up with Frazier and Ali, while both were at the end of their primes.

Before the match many of “The Louisville Lip’s” fans were sincerely fearful for Ali, worried the awesome champion might actually maim or kill him. Foreman collapsed, failed to beat the count, and Muhammad Ali, to the astonishment of everyone, had regained the title stripped from him for his refusal to be drafted into the Vietnam War. In the title defenses which followed, he often reverted to a masochistic parody of his Zaire performance, lying on the ropes and allowing younger fighters to pound away at him. “Boxing is the sport to which all other sports aspire.”

At that moment, the contest was decided.

Sadly, with the passing years, Ali’s great triumph has been reduced to little more than a much-used sports cliché. His first defense was a “gimme,” a one round blowout of Jose Roman, but his next match in March of ’74 was viewed as a potentially stern test, a showdown with Ken Norton who had proved his mettle in two tough battles with Muhammad Ali. Most Recent Upload Most Popular Upload Channel Page Link RSS FEEd #MuhammadAli #GeorgeForeman #MosleyBoxing #RumbleInTheJungle Joshua believes Tyson would have got the better of Ali if the two […], SHOCKER: ‘If I could go back, I WOULDN’T FIGHT MUHAMMAD ALI – he had my number!’ says George Foreman, Foreman recalls Ali friendship, has no doubts about Zaire count, Rumble in the Jungle 40 years on –  The day Ali ended Foreman’s 40-0, AJ names Mike Tyson the G.O.A.T, ‘better schooled’ than Muhammad Ali. Former two-time heavyweight champion of the world, George Foreman has revealed what Muhammad Ali muttered to him moments before their 1974 super-fight. It has been called \"arguably the greatest sporting event of the 20th century\". Montreal is The Fight City. — Michael Carbert. Montreal is The Fight City.

Just before the bell Ali had Foreman in a headlock and over the champion’s back, with the stadium in bedlam, he winked and stuck his tongue out at Joe Frazier, his old nemesis, who had picked Foreman to win and now sat ringside as a broadcast commentator, hardly believing what he was seeing. In contrast, Foreman had been ripping through the division.

And in the somber dressing room of the challenger, as Ali donned his robe and prepared to leave for the ring, someone reached out for his hand and wished him “Good luck.”. This truly legendary fight night between two boxing legends Muhammad Ali and George Foreman was known as \"The Rumble in the Jungle\" and was a historic boxing event that pitted the undefeated world heavyweight champion George Foreman against challenger Muhammad Ali, a former heavyweight champion.

Just goes to show how great he truly was. Foreman was invincible, the most devastating puncher since Joe Louis, younger, stronger, and a five-to-one favorite., — George Foreman (@GeorgeForeman) April 18, 2020. Only in the fifth round did Ali actually do what the legend insists he did for the entire fight: cover up on the ropes and absorb punishment. Foreman and Ali met in the world-famous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ – an event organized by a young Don King in Kinshasa. This tactic alone was not enough to win and would have been suicidal against one of the hardest punchers in boxing history. Great article, and I wholly agree re: the ‘rope a dope’ strategy. Along with his dismantling of Sonny Liston ten years before, this was, in terms of skill and tactics, Muhammad Ali’s finest ring performance. Fearing the worst, Ali’s fans screamed themselves hoarse during that round, exhorting him to get off the ropes, but despite appearances, he remained in complete control. – George Foreman. Before the match, many in Ali’s entourage feared the worst. A metropolis where hundreds of young warriors train and battle each day in its many gyms, it is where Archie Moore, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and Bernard Hopkins all found greatness. Foreman said Ali's "greatest power was his presence," inside the boxing ring and outside. This fight demonstrates why Ali was the best fighter that the world has ever seen. But Ali still won. He had the heart and iron chin to withstand the punishment, but the cost in later years would prove tragic.

His personal physician, Dr. Ferdie Pacheco, had quietly arranged for a plane to be standing by to take Ali to Spain for emergency medical treatment in the event of a serious brain injury. In this writer’s opinion, few boxing matches are as misunderstood as the “Rumble in the Jungle.” Simply put, Ali did not just lie on the ropes and let Foreman punch himself out. Ali would joke about how fast he was, but it truly was no joke at all. Much has been made of the final right hand which produced the knockout in round eight, but in fact it was the cumulative effect of all the punches before it, and Ali’s astonishing display of ring acumen, which determined the outcome. ME ON BITCHUTE: ME ON MINDS: AFILLIANT;referrer=MosleyBoxingFOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: SUBSCRIBE \u0026 SHARE! “George you were just a kid in high school when I beat Liston,” Ali stated, according to Foreman. Held at the 20th of May Stadium the attendance was 60,000#MuhammadAli #GeorgeForeman #MosleyBoxing #BoxingLegends #RumbleInTheJungleRecommended viewing below here!Mike TYSON vs Larry HOLMES ALI vs JOE FRAZIER 3 | THRILLA IN MANILA Sugar Ray Robinson Highlights \"The Greatest\"\u0026t=23sMy favorite Boxing History Channel below!Scrapbook Boxing (Museum of the forgotten fisticuffs Series.) Foreman’s brutal stoppage of Frazier shocked everyone. ‘Big’ George Foreman says he was beaten fair and square by old friend Muhammad Ali when paying tribute to ‘The Greatest’ on a recent HBO special. In 1974, George Foreman reigned supreme. Today marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ heavyweight clash between ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali and the most formidable puncher of his time, George Foreman. Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman full fight boxing highlights in HD with Muhammad Ali interview at the end! The previous year he had astonished the sports world with his terrifying demolition of Joe Frazier, knocking Smokin’ Joe to the canvas six times in less than two rounds and instantly putting the fear of God into all other heavyweight contenders.

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